How to build a React backend with TerminusX

In this video tutorial, Cheuk shows you how to build a React backend for a simple content management system. The full tutorial with accompanying files can be found at:

Why React?

React is a very popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces. In the 2021 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, React was listed as the most popular web framework, with over 41 percent of professional developers using it. Some of the benefits include:

  • Clean programming: Easy to read and easy to reuse code.

  • Strength of community: The popularity of React means there is a large community to help with pre-built packages to save you coding time.

  • Fast performance: Thanks to the Virtual DOM it uses.

Why TerminusX as your React backend?

TerminusX is a powerful data management toolkit that has many features to help build a React backend that does a lot more than store data.  Here are some of the features that can help you build an MVP and scale from there:

  • Data collaboration tools: TerminusX is an immutable database that stores differences as deltas. This enables you to branch, clone, and merge your database. Teams can work concurrently on the same data asset and workflow and collaboration tools enable you to work together to iron out issues and test before merging into production.
  • Flexible and extendable schema: The TerminusX schema language enables documents and their relationships to be specified using simple JSON syntax. Ideal to blueprint great UI, TerminusX also enables you to easily adapt your schema as requirements and features surface.
  • Document graph database: TerminusX enables references to other documents, forming a graph of documents. You have the simplicity of developing with JSON objects combined with the analytical power of knowledge graphs.
  • Auditing of your build from inception: Every change: what, when, and by whom, is stored in a commit-graph which means you can audit your build from inception. With revision control enabling you to time travel and revert to older versions of your data, ironing out bugs is made a lot easier.
  • Start AI ready: As a document-oriented knowledge graph, your applications are built AI-ready from the start. It may not be a consideration in the beginning, but as you scale, the ability to use ML and AI to gain valuable insights will give you a competitive advantage.

We hope you enjoy the tutorial. Sign up and use TerminusX for free here.

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